What we do as Bevisible?


Bevisible manages its customers' location list on the most important digital location map platforms

Bevisible manages its customers’ location list on the most important digital location map platforms

GMB helps local businesses grow

More than a hundred local businesses use the GMB all-in-one platform to effortlessly manage online reputation, connect with potential customers through digital channels, and gain customer experience insights to drive and evolve sales.

  • Upload images and videos
  • Apply gestures, additions, and edits
  • Edit Q&A
  • Reply to Comments
  • Follow your profile
  • Report copy locations
  • Monitor competitor performance
  • Generate monthly report
  • Managing Products and Services
  • Ongoing Strategy Meetings
  • Monthly Reporting and Forecasts
  • Manage Working Hours

Optimize your Google My Business profile to get more local leads

If your business has a physical location, creating your GMB profile is a must. It gives you the chance to promote your business to the right customers in local search results.


Capturing and maintaining a high Google My Business ranking can make a big difference for businesses like furniture, grocery stores, restaurants, clothing stores, or auto sales companies.

Engage with your customers


Google Maps comments are one of the most powerful features.


Replying to customer comments on your Google Business Profile increases the interaction between you and your customers.

Sharing their positive or negative experiences and the answers they receive from you on behalf of the brand positively affect your store visits and sales in the next process.

Google My Business Management Services

Google is your sales area.

Whether it’s an existing customer looking for a business to meet their needs, searching for your business specifically, or trying to find you for location or other information, Google has a presence in almost every business transaction.

Higher local ranking
Increased website traffic
High lead volume

Campaign activities to increase engagement and drive customers

By adding monthly-weekly campaigns belonging to your brand, we aim to increase the visits of your customers by directing them to your stores or dealers.

GMB copy location detection and disabling

Except for the real locations of brands, fake locations opened by third parties must be detected, reported to Google and disabled.

As a result of monthly scans, these locations are detected and reported to Google.

If these processes are not performed regularly, problems such as suspension, copy marking or deactivation are encountered by putting the real positions at risk in the future.

Monthly analysis reports

We regularly share with you the exploratory analysis reports of locations, their search status on Google Maps and their numbers, monthly reports with comments and answers, how many updates were made, how many locations were opened/closed, how many duplicate locations were detected and reported.

Reporting slang or insulting comments to locations


On a monthly basis, we scan and provide feedback to detect slang, insulting comments made by customers to locations with artificial intelligence and remove problematic comments.

Providing data to different map platforms


Thanks to the panel presented to us, we can make all the arrangements and updates instantly on Google My Business. If the panel does not offer, we get support in the resolution process by contacting the Google support team.


Apart from this, we transmit monthly data of locations currently managed by us to Yandex Maps, Huawei Petal Maps, Huawei Petal Search and Here map applications.

According to the current data we transmit, we also provide support for the publication of locations on these platforms.


On Google search results, Google Map and Navigation, the stores/branches belonging to your business are owned and published with the correct latitude, longitude and contact information in accordance with your corporate image

Yandex Map and Navigation, one of Turkey’s most popular Navigation applications, ensures that your business is positioned at the right points with the right information and kept up-to-date for the right customer experience throughout the service period.


Year-round maintenance is carried out in order to position the stores and branches of your business on the in-vehicle navigations with the correct latitude, longitude and contact information and to keep the locations correct.

We help find and engage your customers

We are proud to manage +30,000 local businesses from small businesses over GMB to national brands, nationwide and worldwide

We work with many multi-location businesses to eliminate the problems that arise when managing Google My Business.

We offer more traffic to your website, better search engine rankings, Google Maps Search optimization, star-score tracking, increased in-store visits and phone calls, increased interactions and more leads that come with it.

"It’s been two years that we started working with Bevisible and managing Google My Business has become more seamless since then. Our satisfaction level both in dealer and customer management, and their satisfaction level as well, has increased significantly."
“As Michelin Turkey, we’re very pleased to work with Be Visible on Google My Business. In this way, we ensure the visibility and availability of our dealers in the digital world, we follow the customer comments about them, and we inform our sales teams to improve our dealers. We would like to thank the Be Visible team for their contributions and assistance during this process.”
"We’re very pleased to have started working with Bevisible. In this process, we both increased customer satisfaction and the visibility of our locations"
"We have been working with Bevisible for more than 2 years and we are very pleased to work with the team that provides the new ideas and directions for our digital location activities. "
"We happily continue our cooperation for many ears, as they manage our reputation management quickly and proactively in map locations in accordance with our bank's agile working structure."
"We have been working with Bevisible company on store location and comment management for three years. We thank them for their efficient and careful work in this process.."
LC Waikiki
"We have been working with Bevisible Company for a long time. Thanks to their professional approach, prompt responses, and quality services, we have made significant improvements in our business processes. We are grateful for the collaboration."
Arçelik Pazarlama A.Ş